Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Wandering Mighs of Turkey Break: A Report from the Home Front

I am home again! This is the second time I've been home since going to Bates, and I still miss Bates! However, things down here have been going pretty well. On Monday I went to the dentist, and on Tuesday I visited my friend Kelly from Bates, who lives alllllll the way up north in Lincoln, NH, thought it was very good to see her! Today I'm getting my hair cut and I was supposed to be meeting a good friend of mine from down here, but she had to cancel, so I don't know how likely it is that I'll be able to see her before break. *sigh* Anyway.

This just in: The Dentist reports that Nick's teeth look very good. However, he cautions that there are rumors of revolutionary groups setting up camp in the right side, so we'll have to watch this development very closely. Back to you, Jim.

I had a weird dream last night though... it involved foreign countries, the underworld, a tropical island with beautiful girls, a mall, a couple friends, a big office building with no locked doors, phones, spying, chinese food, and corruption. I couldn't describe it because I have little idea of what the order of events were. But I think you can imagine how weird that mix would be. Of course, not all of them were present at the same time lol.

Until next time, this is Nick Bauer, signing off.


  1. What an interesting dream. I'm going to take a wild guess at what it involved. While dining at a chinese restaruant with your friends, your non-existent cell phone rang and this sketchy voice told you to meet a dude with a hooped earring at the smoothie place in the auburn mall. once there, he led you to an underground cock fighting thing, where kelly and miki became corrupted by gambling and lost alot of money. So the hoop earring guy told you to go spy on Don Pablo, an infamous mobster of Barbados who owed the hoop earring guy's posse money, to repay your irresponsible pals' debts. And then you flew to barbados, where there are beaches and these girls you thought were beautiul until they stated shooting at you (they worked for Don Pablo) so you ran and hid in the IHOP headquarters (later you discovered it was Pablo's hideout) where there were lots of unlocked doors because pancake people are irresponsible. and you opened a door and took pics of Pablo and returned home and lived happily ever after until you woke up. Did I include everything?

  2. I think you got most of it, but that's not what happened :-p. Actually, neither of you were in it surprisingly... at least, as far as I remember. They were like nondescript multi-purpose friends :-p