Friday, June 10, 2005

Summer Update

Soon there are going to be some changes around here... Like my title is too depressing. As this is my blog, representing my life, the title must reflect my current feelings and such. I like the Avalon line and the "nickofcamelot" address only because it's awesome, and picked the title to go with that... I must give this some thought. Any suggestions are welcome!

Of course, any changes here would be just another of my summer projects, which so far are:

1.) Actually learning the stuff from the last half of my Chem class - I got way too behind there and need to be up-to-date for Orgo next year (that's Organic Chemistry for you cool non-scientist types).

2.) Getting a job or other such summer amusement - I'll be volunteering for Children's Museum events, at least, and if no job comes I may be able to work on some research at UNH with the Biochem & Molecular Bio folks. Oh, I should mention that latter possibility is unpaid; ah, money would be nice.

3.) Typing up all my class notes from last year - Okay, so I'm a nerd. But, it'll be very helpful for me to have them on my computer and available to me if I need them in the future. Plus I won't have to keep tons of binders around later.

4.) Working on the website for the Bates College Student Government - I'm the official BCSG Webmaster and I must work on the website. However, the documents and information I need seem to be in some sort of "safe" on the Bates campus that no one seems to have access to. So I'm kinda stuck on this one at the moment.

4.) Catching up on reading. - I have at least 4 more Star Wars books (that's right, Star Wars books... I love Star Wars and I'm proud of it! lol) at the tail end of the series to read, and I'm beginning to accept that I'll have to read the novel versions of the movies and the stuff before the original movies as well. Plus I should work more at other more literary books... maybe Dante's Inferno (Miki says: "it's not fun at all"; so maybe not that) or some such, maybe some of my science books on Conciousness; those should be interesting. See my post about conciousness down there, it's fun!

5.) Various odds and ends. - Keeping my room orderly, paying the town $10 for living here, fighting back my allergies with the help of Claritin, getting in shape so I lose the dreaded 15, and keeping in touch with all my friends from Bates, and re-establishing touch with my Newmarket friends.

So there you have it. My work is cut out for me, as you can tell. Provided I survive the hot muggy weather, the bees (hate them), and my own self-destruction (just kidding), I should have enough time to finish all these. Or so I tell myself; we'll see what the status of these are in the fall before school starts up again.