Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Pet Peeve

I apologize to anyone who may happen upon this, but I feel a need to rant a bit. I talked to two of my friends today, both girls. One mentioned that she weighed enough to give blood, and the other mentioned she couldn't because she didn't weigh enough. The first girl said she was barely over the limit. This led me to mention that I was surprised that the first girl weighed more than the second. Of course, you see my blunder, and you can guess how the second girl reacted. But why the hell does it have to be such a big deal when there's really no insult at all? The first girl in question is approaching stick-thin, and the other isn't quite as thin, but no where near big; it's a visible difference, but we're talking an actual weight difference of maybe at most five pounds around the 110 range. That isn't bad at all. I mean, I'm sure the second girl would admit that the first is thinner than her. All I did was state a fact, which no one should have any disagreement or offense to. Thus, it's only because I stated it, and not her, that she took offense. Now, I could see reason for offense if the first girl was already on the heavier side, because that would mean the second girl looked much heavier than that. But that's not the case. Therefore why should this be so taboo? I mean, I weigh (*gasp*) around 190 pounds, and I know who's thinner than me, and I can accept that someone is obviously thinner than me. So why can't some people not take things so badly? It's because of this stubbornness that guys can 'dig themselves in deeper'... It's only because some girls over-react to some small things and then make it impossible for the guy to explain himself, because any attempt at explanation inevitably invokes the original thing said, and the girl gets more offended.

That's all I got in me. Good night, and hopefully I'll have more over the weekend.